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UCA'a Tie Rods and Ball Joints


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November 13, 2008
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98 XLT
I need to replace all of this on my 98 AWD. I use this for daily driving, not off road. On one of the posts, someone sent a link to ebay, where for $151.Ebay item # 150544383348. you get both UCA's, 2 lower Ball joints and 2 inner and 2 outer tie rods and the sway bar link kit. Part numbers seem to be XRF/Moog?
My question is: Has anyone used these parts? Are they comparable or better than service grade/oem?
Can't really afford the Moog, Napa's Chassis pro-grade or XRF's. At least not at anybody's advertised price.
Any input is greatly appreciated.

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they may be using Moog P/N's, but I bet the parts are from China.

Maybe. Do you have any info to back that up, or is it just an assumption?

Will they tighten up the front end and get you roadworthy again? An honest answer is yes. They are no better or worse than other generic brands from parts houses. Just about every non-dealership shop uses this grade. You likely wont be horribly served by going this route compared to just buying the cheapest you can find at Autozone or Napa.

Keep in mind that even though it will fit and function these are not heavy duty, nor even OEM grade, so pushing them offroad or towing is not a good idea. Also, dont expect these parts to last as long as better built brands. If you plan to keep the truck for years you will likely end up replacing again.

Thank you for that info. I am still in the process of making a decision.
Again, Thanks!!! Love this forum