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Ugh I hate transmissions


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December 13, 2007
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Long Island, NY
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'01 EB AWD 5.0
Ever since I first got the truck it's been finicky shifting out of O/D when you just quickly depress the accelerator. Then, this past Friday the 13th the truck suddenly started having a delay when shifting into forward gears from P, R, or N.

So at the advice of this board, I took it to a trans shop to have the fluid drained and a new filter installed.

Found out some lovely things.

1) Transmission was NEVER serviced (Has 108K on it). This was awesome to find out
2) Fluid wasn't burnt, no metal shavings in the fluid, but there was some clutch pack material in it
3) The delay shift into a Forward gear is most likely a worn piston/seal in the forward drum

The service fixed NOTHING, and now I have a periodic shudder when shifting from 1st to 2nd at low rpms, and I still have OD problems. So obviously all the service did was magnify the fact I need a new torque converter.

So as a stop gap untill I can afford to pay someone to swap in this nice 54K mile transmission I found at a local yard, I decided to try some Lucas Transmission Fix, since it will soften hardened seals. I put about 1/3 bottle in and it seems to have helped some. It shifts a lot smoother through-out the gears, and it has shaved almost a second off the delay when shifting into forward gears. I think I'm going to put another 1/3 of the bottle in and see what that does.

God I hate transmissions.