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UGh, replaced insturment panel now fuel gauge is quirky


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August 28, 2007
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La Grange, IL
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2002 Explorer xlt 4 wd
Swapped out 2002 Explorer Instrument Panels, now the fuel gauge is not working. Should I wait and see if it corrects?

It worked when first installed, slowly, now it is reading empty. I jiggled the dash and instrument panel and it worked for a while, then shut the car off and when restarted it was on e again (tank is 3/4 full).

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Is the CEL light on? There is a code P0463/9 something like that. I believe the electronic portion of the float becomes corroded or gummed and causes it to not always function right. It could just be a coincident that it happened with yours when you did the swap, otherwise you probably have a bad gauge.

There is a term called slosh mode. Basically, after fill up, put the key in and start imeadiately. Don't turn key to run and leave it.

no light

I will check/clean connections. It is not the float, it is working.

I have an 03 Explorer cluster if that would help, don't know if wiring or lights and everything are the same. The outer lense is cracked from something getting dropped on it in the shop but easy enough to change that. You can have it for whatever it costs to ship it if you can use it. Everything worked when I pulled it but I did rob one bulb for the back light.


We think the gauge has now started workng, maybe when first hooked up it takes a while to sync up with computer and determine signal. Who knows; I dont, but we filled it up and it is registering

Glad to hear, Keep us updated