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I am getting a set of 2000 Cobra R 18"x9.5" rims. They look great and I now just need a tire to match them. I have chosen Toyo Proxes S/T to do the job, but I have also chosen their size. Specifically, 255/55R18. Will these tires fit these rims properly?? Are there any issues that will have to be dealt with???

Basically, is this size of tire alright for my 18"x9.5" rim?? Thanks guys...

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The other day I put on a set of 5/16" spacers using the stock studs and I managed to strip 4 out of the 10 lugs and the others losened themselves up after about 2 miles of driving. I about s#!t my pants when I got back to my house and checked them. The spacer fixed the problem of the rim rubbing but managed to ruin my lugs and almost kill me.

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Whoa!! What are you going to do? That sounds disheartening. What size rims you running again? 17s and you're rubbing?? Damn, I am wondering how these 18s are gonna go with their 9" width. Hopefully they'll be fine....

SIDE NOTE: I got the first pic of my truck up today!!! Finally you guys can see the truck. Here's the link, but before you click, remember that this picture is of poor quality and the car is VERY dirty. I WILL have much better pics for the before/after section that I will post for my lowering/rims+tires to be completed by 7/21/02. it is


Oh yea, anybody know if tires always come with valve stems and if rims always come with lug nuts?? Basically, I don't want to order the rims/tires and then have to go find lug nuts/valve stems for them.....

Let me know guys....and answer me darn it, 98FordX24 :)

tires do not come with valve stems, and wheels do not come with lug nuts. dont worry, ANY PLACE you have them mounted will have both to fit your application. and i mean ANY PLACE, even "Deliverance Tire and Wheel" in a town in the Ozarks pop. 104. you will not have to hunt this stuff down. even if you have to have the tires/wheels mounted seperatly (see thread "they wouldnt sell me BFG's") just tell 'em to give you lug nuts for a Ranger... or a Mustang for that matter...

...sorry, wasnt paying attention. if you order your wheels/tires mounted they will have valve stems in them. if they dont, they wont hold air. you'll still have to get lug nuts.

My only reservation is that I don't want to get these beautiful new wheels and tires and then have some FUGLY lugnuts and valve stems. It would just ruin the whole thing. You think they'll have nice ones at the Goodyear Tire & Auto near me??

Here's what they offer from the site that I'm getting my rims from....

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Tell me if you think it's a good idea to order that or just take it to Goodyear Tire and Auto (my friend owns it)....

Well after my lugs got stripped I went to big A and bought some new ones and took out my spacers. Those nice lugs arent cheap either. 4 of them cost me $20 :eek: I am running without them right now but its a PITA. I cant turn the wheel all the way and it sucks. Ill have to get some longer studs or do some grinding and bending to my a-arm.

Alright......It's almost time to hand over the money....I talked with both of the places that I'm buying from and everything should work fine....Here's exactly what I'm getting, prices and all

Wheels: from - $189.75 x 4 = $759.00
(18"x9" Cobra R Silver REPLICA)

(16 Chrome Lugs,4 locking lug nuts,4 chrome valve stems)$30.00
(Shipping) $75.00

Tires: $129.00 x 4 = $516.00
(255/55R18 Toyo Proxes S/T) (Shipping) $64.00
Delivered to my door

All I'm waiting on is the paycheck that arrives 7/15/02. They will be ordered and on their way here the second that my paycheck clears. Hey, I'm only 20, gimme a break! :)

Hey Sean, I really like what you did with the interior of your X with the neon light and everything. With that in mind, how much do neon lights cost and where did you install them inside of your X.

The neons were like $29 a piece or something like that, and unfortunately, I do not remember where I got them. I have 4 of them. 2 of them are under the front lips of the front seats and 2 of them are under the rear lips of the front seats. That way you get illumination pretty much everywhere in the back, except for the cargo area and not too much glare on the front windows from neons being under the rear seat. I don't know why I didn't install the front 2 neons under the dash board, but I am thinking about moving them there just to see how it looks. However, I am quite happy with how they look now. Just a little refined accenting for the pretty much all blue truck. Here's the inside pic again:

PS: Thanks for the compliment. :)