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Umm anyone know of an intake...


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July 30, 2000
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Annapolis, MD
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1995 XLT 4.0L OHV 4WD 4dr
Anyone know of an intake tube that mates to the K&N FIPK?? I like tubes better because I have heard that they can be made so that the air does not tumble around inside the intake tube, like the stock one supposedly does. Also, I hate the way my K&N FIPK looks with that ugly looking rubber thing attached to it....I'm not doing it justice...Anyone???

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I want a tube, too. I want something smooth so I can effectively wrap it with some heat reflecting tape to keep the air temps down a bit.



KKM and MAC make just the tube?? This is for a 1995 XLT 4.0L OHV.....just in case you don't know....but they make just the tube?? got a site/price????