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UNI Foam Filter wrap on K&N FIPK Filter (Pics)

Rob Slade

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February 2, 2000
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Wake Forest, NC
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03 Tacoma DoubleCab
Hey all!

After reading a lot of posts on how the K&N FIPK can let too much dirt inside, it got me paranoid. I removed the filter to take a look and sure enough, my intake was full of dirt/dust inside the tube. I couldn't switch to an AMSOIL foam filter because I don't have the stock airbox anymore. Sooo, I decided to go a different route. I got myself a foam prefilter from UNI Filters to go over the gauze conical filter.

I saw the filter wrap that K&N sells, but it was like $25.00 or more. I got the one from UNI for $17 shipped. I pulled the conical K&N filter off and slipped the UNI filter over it. It went right on. You're supposed to oil it like you would any air filter, but I chose not to since it was acting as a pre-cleaner and not the main filter. I think this also allows the air to flow through it better. Now I have a nice foam prefilter to keep the major dirt/mud out of the K&N without sacrificing hardly any of the air flow.

I have had it on for about a full tank of gas now (about 260 miles) and have no loss in power at all. All in all I'm pretty happy with it. Just thought I would share with everyone, hope it helps someone out.

**The full size pics are located here**