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Uniroyal Laredo M/T

Has anyone heard of uniroyal laredo M/T's? If anyone is using them can you tell me if there good or bad.There only $96 dollars a piece. Seems like they are kinda cheap.Could use the input.


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TarHeel085 has them on his rig, I think he is happy with them.

i run a 35" uinroyal mt... and i love em. way better than the bfg mts i had... and the tread is also one of the mose aggressive mt treads out there

heres what they look like

Ive heard good things about the Uniroyal M\t's Ive got General Grabbers on my truck right now and theyre supposedly made by Uniroyal and ive been happy with them so far.

here a pic of my 35" uniroyals.... and i will 2nd that they are loud.... but i have too disagree in CLAY they my not clean well.... but mud/snow they clean way better than my bfg's didDead Link Removed

hey do you guys have side views of your truck. I want to see how agressive the tires look. Thanks, Matt

cool, thanks guys appreciate it,