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Universal catalytic converter options for 01 sport


July 11, 2011
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2001 sport
It has been determined that I need new catalytic converters for my 2001 Explorer Sport (4.0L V6). This particular model has 4 catalytic converters. My question is, before I forego the more expensive bolt on cats, is there a cheaper alternative by using universal? Im just wondering if I really have to weld on 4 universals in order for it to pass. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Universals are pretty cheap at AutoZone.

I understand that universals are cheap, but my question is whether or not I need to replace all 4 original cats with universals or if there is a different setup I can use that will allow me to pass emissions

What/how was the need to replace all four converters identified?? What codes are you getting?? Four converters of any kind is a pretty expensive process, so you might want to get a second opinion. GA doesn't do a tailpipe sniff on OBDII equiped vehicles, so as long as you can get your CEL to stay off and monitors to reset you will be good to go. In fact, for my '97 I can have two monitors not reset and as long as the CEL is off, I will pass inspection. Not sure about the rules for a 2001; you might ask your mechanic. Good luck.

I had a misfire in one of the cylinders and the cats became completely clogged, at which point they were hollowed out to allow the vehicle to continue breathing (illegal I know). At any rate all 4 of my catalytic converters are hollow. The check engine light is not on and it is not throwing any codes although the it says the catalyst and evap are not ready so I thought I would go ahead and get new cats