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Universal Joints (U Joints) Replacement


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December 4, 2008
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2000 Mountaineer Monterey
Hey All,

Thank god it's finally spring in New England! It's fun playing in the snow but the -10 weather is not my friend.

So i know the u joints are ready to be replaced as it makes an ever so pleasant clunk when shifting from reverse to drive etc. I've tried to search for instructions, and i've done u joints before just never on an AWD or 4WD vehicle.

Can anyone help me and let me know what i'll need. I figured i'd replace all the u joints and being that I've read that there's two drive shafts, but I've always only noticed the one coming from the rear axel. Where's the front one? How many u-joints do i need and is there any difference in them? Anyone that can shoot me a write up or some infowould be greatly appreciated.


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Is your vehicle AWD or 4 WD?

Here some pictures of a front and rear drive shaft off a AWD. I picked up these two at the local Pull-A-Part to have as spares if I need them as I have two 2000 5.0 AWD and just like to fill my garage full of junk and spare parts. Getting them off is not a problem at all, 12mm bolts on the rear shaft, the front shaft has 8mm bolts on the back and a star bit (torx bit) on the front that holds on little clamps directly on the u-joints. I think I had drop a brace or something to make the bolts easier to get out on the front shaft back end. So if you have done U-joints before, this should be no problem. I know O'Reilly's here has them... good luck. I would like to hear if you have any problems with the U-joints, I will replace the u-joints on these if I ever actually put them to use other than taking up garage space.





Awesome. Thanks for the pictures. I crawled underneath and for some reason i just never differentiated the two drive shafts. You'd think after two years i would. I figured while i'm under there i'd replace the brackets that hold the front ujoint into place. Also would these be necessary? http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/we...co_18270056-P_2076_R|GRPUCVSAMS_634245479____

However, this raises a new question. While under there i noticed that i had some fluid build up around the CV joints and the u joint on the front differential where they all connect to the housing. Is this a seal or are the CV joints not properly in. I replaced the CV joints back in October.

As far as the leaking fluid, I guess you are talkign about where the axles go into the differential? There are press in lip seals that go in there that should probably, normally be replaced if you have pulled out the axles. I am guessing if you pulled out the axles the lip seals may be damaged or twisted over when you put them back in or just worn. A little dirt on the seal or shaft can allow it to leak.

As far as the U joint link you showed, I don't remember this when I took them off, the little wooden bowl picture has all of the brackets and clamps for the front drive shaft and I would not think you would need to replace those clamps.

replacing u joints

Has anyone seen any posting on the " steps how to" replace the u joints?