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Up-sizing tires on stock rims

I would like to know if anyone can tell me what is the largest size tire I can put on my stock rims with minimal rubbing? I am looking to change to BFG ATs or MTs.


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I have 32x11.5 BFG's on stock rims...

You'll need a couple inches of lift for adequate clearance though.
31x10.5's will go nicely on a stock Explorer with no rubbing except possibly at full turn.

I put a 265/75/16 on my rims. They are Centennial Mud Campaigners. I LOVE them. No rubbing at all. The specs say they are 31.7 inches tall.

i just pt on 31s on my X. i had some slight rubbing at full lock turn but that was solved with a utility knife. i just trimmed the fenderwell until i had no rubbing. this trimming took 5 minutes per wheel. i then went wheeling. no problems. check out my picks of loscoyotes in my signature in the pics main page. i have the blue explorer 1994

Tires on stock rims

I'm running BFG AT,KO 33 X10.50 15's on the stock rims, with no problems.

ray, do you ahve a lift?

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from what I've learned from this site

If you have 16" rims, the biggest size you can go is 265/75/16. If you have 15" rims, the biggest you can go is 31x10.50x15 No rubbing should occur on your model. This is assuming that you have no type of lift.

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Yup, got a combination of lift(s): 21/2" Rancho and 2" perf. Prod. body lift. Keeps the CG lower for stability, but gives good ground clearance with 33"s