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Up to 4 now!

That's right, got the 4th explorer at the house now... My dad got his new company car/truck, and got an '02 Limited.

Only stats I know, are it's a 4.0sohc 6 disk in dash changer, and i'll know more this weekend, when im home to see it


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My moms '00 eddie bauer 5.0 V-8


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reminds me of my family but mom wanted to be king of the road and got exped. still got 3 though

My daily driver, the Un-Limited


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Finally, my non running V-8 propelled (or the lack there of) 91 Sport


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Welcome to the 4 Explorer club:) Total members that I am aware of: 2 :chug:

I'll throw a few :chug: back for us this weekend!

Digger, spell Expedition for me......

I fell real dumb now. fixed.

Ha I was just watching the Attica video from '01 superlift last night showing a buddy. I think both of your pics are from then, at least the one of Andre is cause I have that on video.

Good deal, you gotta go for 5 now

I do believe that's correct... Looking back, i'm pretty sure they are that attica run... from waaay back in the day

I got 3!

I'm not far behind! 2-2002's and 1 '95. Trying to talk my dad into a sport trac! ;) ummm....no way! but outta all of them i like the '95(mine he he he)

Ya know danny... i threw in the tape for old fun.. and damn you for thinking there was "no tape" right in the beginning, with that big ass white CJ that was probly a big block, and almost definately supercharged... it was getting close, and sounded soo bad ass... but NOOO danny can't video tape!:p

That was because my camera said there was no tape. My buddies all yelled at me too and ya know what I yelled at myself as well cause that thing was boss and I cut it off. Pulled the "X" behind the "Pukon" as you call it yesterday around town for a test and all went well. I smell an attica fall run in the works soon. I am just going to wait until I get bumpers fabbed.

LOL! Danny and his Pukon! :p
there's a late september run with RRORC at attica, and im riding shotty w/ Brian in his BII. My current (almost sure this will change) goal fer the 91 is thanksgiving, and maybe we can throw together a turkey run, possibly the weekend before thanksgiving... SImilar to years past... I'm sure there will be guys over on RRORC that'll be up fer running it..
Just let me know...