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Update on P0401 code


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UPDATE on P0401 and P0455 codes
OK, so just to catch up on some things that has happened. I installed new plugs, wires and coil (NGK Brand on all of it). Afterwards I have been fighting a P0401 (EGR) code popping up about once a week. I also had added a locking cap on the gas filler neck also, later on this. I replaced the EGR valve with Motorcraft Brand. Still the code popped up. I did a vacuum leak check, no leaks and I got frustrated. I decided to wait for warmer weather and to let my frustration go. About 2 months ago I replaced the sparkplugs with Motorcraft Brand. Still got the code coming up. The OBDII scanner I was using ihas 3 colored lights green is all good, yellow is potential code and red is code needs attention. Every time I reset the P0401 code and check the next day it was always yellow (red when code was present). I replaced the NGK coil with the one that was on it originally about a week ago (I kept it and the wires just in case I might have needed them). I just checked for codes (no CEL yet) fully expecting to see the yellow light to be on indicating a possible code coming. But to my surprise it was green. The last time I seen that color was before I did the small tune up. So I want to say thank you to 94Eddie and especially Explorer75. For trying to help a hard headed person. And if anybody else has something similar happen to them I would definitely put Motorcraft parts on to save you any headaches like what I was dealing with. There was a P0455 code dealing with the fuel filler neck. I have also removed the locking cap to see if that code is eliminated. Again though thank you for the advice Explorer75 and 94Eddie.

Thanks for the update. It will help others down the road. I would suggest adding the above post to your original thread. This way anyone reading it will know the outcome without having to search for this thread.