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update: persian gulf


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November 7, 2003
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07 Titan SE
howdy folks! i have internet access!!! anyway, life out here is good, (not really) and i am having a fantastic time!(no i'm not)
anyway, i had a chance to read some threads, look at a few pictures, and it is definately like a little piece of home to be able to log onto this site!
so as for life out here, the iranians are getting pretty ballsy, we have had to launch alert fighters a few times because they think it's funny to fly their P-3 over our heads every few days, and one day they slid up next to us in some type of gunboat, about 20 yards of the port side! it was actually kind of cool, because we could see the expressions on each others faces, and i just waved. got no response though, they are pretty disciplined. i have been to dubai ENOUGH. It is however, a great city that i would love to bring my family to, if it were a tad more stable over here. can't really talk about what's happening next, but i'll be sure to tell all about it after it happens! i have some pretty ridiculous stories to tell,(ask me about six hours in a porta potty when i get home)
and i can't wait to touch good ol' american dirt. well, see you guys when i see you!
AT2(AW) Jason Parrish
World Famous Eightballers

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Good to hear from you, man! :cool: Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the update.... how often can you access a pc to go online?

good luck, and stay safe! pics of dubia???


thanks for replying folks, to answer your questions, i have internet access everyday, but it's basically a cable modem with 3500 computers on the internet at the same time. so it's real slow. plus, we have certain hours we can actually use the internet, and i am usually working. today it was radar warning. tomorrow it will be some other crazy wiring gripe that keeps me on the flight deck all day. and it is hotter than hell right now! but i will be uploading some pictures when i hit port next, i have a million of them. so until next time,

Glad to hear things are going well for you. Be safe and thanks for your service!:salute:

I can't wait to hear the porta potti story:eek:

hey guys!
back in dubai, again. but i found the coolest place on earth. 900 dirhams, or about 280 us dollars, gets you classroom instruction, and then set loose on a road racing course in a turbo WRX STI!!! and these are not the ones on american highways! that thing had a clutch like a hammer, and hated being below 5grand on the tach! i spent a nice afternoon doing my best to break the tach needle off by banging the rev limiter all day! i have a newfound respect for race car drivers though, i'm exhausted!

Keep safe! Thanks for your service...

Show us those pics when you get the chance!

hey i can always email pics to whoever wants them, i have a ton. so if you can't wait for september to roll around, shoot an email to jason.parrish@navy.mil
i'll send them pretty quick. just got my new laptop, so i'm not held back by waiting for computer access to download my camera......

Hang in there, buddy!

And again, thank you for doing what you do over there.


Do you have a mailing address over there we can send stuff to? What kind of stuff do you need?

i don't need anything! i'm home! thanks though. all went pretty well, and now i'm on the couch where i belong....

hey anybody got a fan clutch tool? i gotta take apart a 7.3 diesel, and from what i hear, its the same size.

you don't happen to know if there's any truth to it being the same size do you?

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