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updated pics..dual exhaust on my 04 and some other mods


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July 14, 2006
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Long Island , NY
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2004 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Its been awhile so some updates. Got a clear bug shield which i'm painting to match the truck. The rear air deflector which was a pain in the ass to find since its no longer made. Also got the SCT programmer..honestly think its a waste of $700 but w.e and finally my dual exhaust. I love it..did it myself since local muffer shops didn't want to do it. So bought me some pipe..and did some bends and some welding. I've been thinking of making a kit to sell..let me know if anyone would be interested









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Nice job on the exhaust - how close does it run to the petrol/gas tank? Have you heat shielded it? Did you notice any difference with the flash tuner?

pretty clean.....is that front right tire low?


it looks awesome u should post a sound clip of it

that is one of the nicest dual setups i have seen. I am very intrested in it. I was just going to go with a replacement 50series suv, but your dual setup is nice.

You dont have your spare mounted do you?

very very nice Ghoster.

IMO u should've gotten an SCT xcal3 and had James hook you up with a custom tune.

Nice, I need a dang dual exhaust for my expy...

Very clean. Amazing job.

why do you think the programmer was a waste? Did you get a custom tune made or just a map from the internet?

Thanks for all the comments

The tuner i had custom tuned and did nothing really. Called up tech support and was with them for almost an hour and still nothing changed. I returned it. Wasn't worth the money at all. One thing i noticed was better gas mileage..by 2 miles...

Yes the front tire was SUPER low in air..dam screws..

About the exhuast...i custom bent the pipe to clear the spare tire..Thats why you see it on the bottom. I was NOT going to sacrifice my spare for dual exhaust. Don't get it mixed up it NOT a true dual. I put a y pipe right after the hump over the rear axle.

I am going to take measurements and see if i can get a few pipe bent and also see if its worth my time and effort. Will keep everyone informed about it. Before anything i would have to become a vendor and go from there