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Upgrade wheel/tire


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May 14, 2022
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Clinton MD
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2020 Explorer St
I'm trying to get information on upgrading my 2020 Explorer ST wheel/tires. Currently i have factory 20s and what to go up to 22s.

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Welcome to the forum.

welcome to EF! tirerack and or custom offsets (and their sister company (?) fitment industries) have good info on what usually fits and doesnt!

Welcome. Your topic needs moved to the appropriate forum.

Many custom wheel sellers will be able to figure this out for you, but primarily you need the same positive offset (close to 37.5mm to 40mm), PCD (bolt pattern) 5 x 114.3mm and if you want to stay hub-centric, a 70.5mm center bore (or larger to move to lug centric). Then there is clearance to determine if you want to go wider than 8" stock... I see 9" width as a 21" diameter rim, factory option so at least that should fit.


I'm trying to get information on upgrading my 2020 Explorer ST wheel/tires. Currently i have factory 20s and what to go up to 22s.
Welcome to the Forum. :wave:
If you can find the size, a 255/45R22 is an exact match to the 255/55R20. 255/55 R20 vs 255/45 R22 Tire Size Comparison Table with Graphic Visualization (inch difference)
The generally accepted rule is that the new tire should not exceed the maximum diameter variance of the OEM by more than 3%.
A 265/45R22 will also work.
I believe that the programming of the ABS, TC and wheel speed sensors is based on the OEM size. You may be able to reprogram the size using FORScan.
You may also want to check out this thread; Solved - 2020 Explorer ST - Performance Tires/Wheels Sizing Guide


I did exactly what the OP is wanting to do. I found a set of 22x9 factory wheels that I liked and had the hub bore opened up from 63.4 mm to 70.5 mm and I used a 285/40/22 tire. Tire rack lists the stock 255/55/20's as a 31" tall tire and so is the 285/40/22 some brands come in at a 30.98" but it's so close I wouldn't worry.

I also lowered it with the steeda springs, and added a set of 1.25" bora wheel spacers and have no clearance issues what so ever. The wheels are from a 13-14 edge sport and have a 39 mm offset.

That tire size will also be good. Do you get any rubbing on tight turns?


Absolutely none, and as I said it's also lowered and I have wheel spacers too.


As you can see they have about a half inch of poke all around. Frankly the ST should have came with this setup from the factory.