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Upgrade your Explorer from Non-Nav to Nav MFT


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August 24, 2014
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I have noticed that many people would like to add OEM navigation to their MFT vehicle that didn't come with it. I can offer this via replacing the brains of the system known as the APIM. It is very simple to get to on the Explorer. It resides on the back side of the 8" screen.

What I can do is provision an APIM for your vehicle and include navigation.

Check out the NAV page on my website and email me with any questions.



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I will do a deal on the first taker. $500



Update....the deal has been used up



Thanks again for turning on navigation, remote start, and updating all of my software.

Well worth the charge.

Everything is working great.



Sorry for the late response. Enjoyed working with you on it and getting everything taken care of.



BTW for everyone reading this the only hardware added for all of this was the SD nav card. Everything else was done via programming and never took anything apart. Time - 1 hr.

I can now add back-up camera functionality as well.

Can you make my factory nav actually work? That would be a neat trick that seems to have evaded ford engineering for 4 years now.

Show me what it takes to turn on Adaptive Cruise Control and we'll be in business.

For that you need some hardware too

I would guess it goes like this: jmr061 compared the asbuilt files of two identical vehicles, one having navigation, to find out the byte that enables it. Then he starts a reprogramming of apim through oasis and before downloading the apim files, modifies the generated request in order to add navi along with the reflash. It's very nice that he has the lowest rates for navi activation (compared to others), but it's just exploiting a loophole in Ford's system, not actual development.