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Upgraded headlight bulbs


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April 20, 2001
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Southeastern, PA
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2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS
I was considering putting Sylvania Hi-Visibility (9007HV) bulbs in my '00 Explorer, but have been hearing that Ford uses cheap fixtures that will actually melt when anything other than standard halogen (9007) bulbs are installed.

Has anyone had their light fixtures melt when using different bulbs?

The Hi-Visibility halogens are supposedly 30% brighter than standard halogens, but I can't imagine why the fixtures would melt. Then again, I don't want to spend $20 on bulbs just to have to buy $200 light fixtures down the road.

Thanks for any help!

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September 19, 2001
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lotz of people use 9007 xenon bulbs, which are usually at 3800 to 4300 kelvin, which are much higher temps than stock. i doubt you'll have a problem, but if you do, just put the stock back in, and use your warranty.. lol


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June 16, 2001
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Jacksonville, NC
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'98 XLT 5.0L
you're telling me those lights get up to 3527*C to 4027*C?


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October 15, 2000
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Sammamish, WA and Provo, UT
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94 XLT 4 door
Originally posted by Warform
you're telling me those lights get up to 3527*C to 4027*C?
No they don't. That's the color temperature. Kind of hard to explain.

Bill Kemp

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April 2, 2000
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Greenville, MI
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98 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD
Heres a good site that explains the different bulbs.
I am using the PIAA superwhite as are many here on the board with no problems.
I put a upgraded harness in my Cad to use 100 watt high beans. It also made the PIAA low beams a little brighter although not $60. worth. But I will say that a true high watt bulb is brighter than any xenon charged bulb or superwhite.


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November 26, 2000
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New Bern, NC
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'95 Explorer "Expedition"
Bill, thanks for the link to the page. That cleared up alot of confusion I had.

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