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Upgrading my headunit (problem)


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June 19, 2004
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Bridgewater, NJ
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1996 Explorer Sport
Hi all.

I currently have an Alpine CDA-9805 headunit in my car. Since I purchased and ipod I decided I wanted to upgrade my headunit so I could use the Alpine ipod AI-net kit. So I purchased the CDA-9851 headunit.

I figured the install would be pretty simple. Unfortunately from 2003 (year my CDA-9805 was made) to 2005 (year my CDA-9851 was made) Alpine changed the connecter into the back of the head unit.

So the questions I need to figure out the answer to are:

Can I purchase a harness that I can just slap in or will I have to crimp\solder\etc the harness that came with my head unit in? (ie. the current alpine harness is connected to my ford by a 16 pin adapter, is there a pre-wired CDA-9851 harness I can buy that will plug right into this 16 pin adapter?)

I guess Im being lazy and looking for a shortcut, I really dont enjoy doing all of the wiring (kinda tired of wiring things in my X, Ive done new speakers\wires, sub, amp, auto-start kit, Terk XM radio, white face gauges plus some other things) . Hopefully somebody out there can give me some good news :p

If I wasnt clear on anything, feel free to ask me to clarify it.