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Upper balljoints-> replace entire arm or just the balljoint?

Thanx SVT

May 6, 2006
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'98 XLT, '03 XLT
OK, so while I was installing my Ground Pounder springs last weekend I saw that my front upper ball joints are in need of replacement (the boots are torn and the ball joints are rusted... not sure if they currently have excessive play).

Ford only sells the upper ball joints as part of the upper control arm assembly. However, it sounds like the upper ball joints can be pressed out with the correct tool (as oppossed to 01 and older Explorers which had to be replaced as a new assembly).

Has anyone pressed out their old ball joints? How hard is it? Am I better off going with the new upper control arms for $160 more?

Just for reference, my truck is a '03 Explorer XLT, 4-door with 75K.

Thanks for the input!

I pressed out my upper balljoints on my '02 two weeks ago. Fairly easy as long as you get the balljoint press "loaner tool" from AutoZone for around a 100 bucks that they will refund once you bring it back. IMO the contol arms are strong but the balljoints have a problem with the seals cracking. Job took about an hour and a half going slow.


How much did/would it cost you for just the upper ball joints? The whole assembly w/control arm? I need to do the same thing with my 03 and am just wondering what its going to run me.