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#Urgent# Electrical Help Needed


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September 15, 2015
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2003 Explorer
My wife decided it would be a great idea to get the evaporator replaced on our 2003 explorer, problem is she went to quite possibly the worst back street garage in the whole of Qatar.

When i finally got the car back, with a flat battery there were a number of issues:

electronic door locks (dont work by any switch or remote keyfob)
fuel sending unit (get the message "fuel computer data error" on message centre and the fuel gauge doesnt work)
courtesy lights (dont work)
rear ac blower (i have checked for power at the motor and there isnt any)
rear lights (left brake/turn signal works, so do reverse lights..but absolutely nothing else) right turn signal even flashes quickly like a bulb is blown but they're all fine.

car also seems to struggle to get a good idle on first start up but i dont know if thats related.

now i know they had to remove the dash to get to the evaporator but ive checked every single fuse and they're all good.

what else would cause this and what do i need to look at???

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Can't give you any specifics, but they could have unplugged a lot of different things depending on wether the dash removal was partial or complete.

I don't think you have to remove the dash to look at the connections, but certainly remove the cluster to see if it wasn't connected properly.

The interior fuse block may have plugs with the potential to plug into the wrong slot, but that would be the only place I can think of where this could occur.

There is one or two large electrical firewall/bulkhead connections up and left from the brake pedal. Those needed to be pulled for the dash and reinstalled. You may want to pull those, reseat them and tighten the bolt that goes through.

Checked all those connectors, even made sure all their pins were straight before bolting them back on.

I would kill for a full wiring diagram

Not helping but i have ab issue. My truck stoped for "Fuel Error" & fuse #41 blowing on 02 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer v8 4.6
i wasnt sure on what section to post this but i'll just ask. My 02 ford explorer just died on me few hrs ago. Was driving on highway at 65mph then all of a sudden it slowed down to a complete stop and displaced "Fuel Error" msg. At this point i had 1/2 tank as per the fuel gauge. After pulling over the vehicle wont restart or even attempt to crank. Its completely dead. All the lights are working fine. I checked the fuses and noticed fuse#41 is blown. After inserting a spare fuse, that also blew after turning ignation to ON. I have no idea where to start pls help.