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Urgent: Superlift help


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July 26, 2004
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'97 XLT
Guys, putting in my front superlift kit on my 97. Having issues with the fit of the torsion bar adjust plates not fitting over the new drop brackets. It was mentioned on the Pirate4x4 lift thread but they didnt specify how they solved it other than notching out the plates. Quite frankly, I don't see how this could work anyway becuase the plates are still to small even notched.

Anyone done this and have photos? Can someone please advise? Thread below and my pictures attached as well. Need to get this done today...any help greatly appreciated.


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Update: Having luck notching so far...crisi maybe averted.

Second question: Anyone know if there are TWO different knuckles? one ABS, one non-ABS? Might have the wrong ones....

also jay, can you weld metal extensions on the plates then drill two holes, or is that too much work?

I notched the sh*t out of them and we made it work. Not pretty, but it got the job done. Last hurdle now is my drivers side knuckle not having room for the ABS wire. Were yring to rotate the hub to see if we can get it to fit in that way....ALMOST DONE.

Will post pics.

looking forward to photos, remembering reading your build thread years ago and wishing my truck was like yours