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Use a laptop as a scanguage?


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December 12, 2004
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Trenton, NJ
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1995 Limited
I have done an intense search without satisfactory results. Has anyone here found and successfully used software and appropriate connector cable(s) that allow a WINDOWS-based laptop to be used as a scanguage and/or tuner in an OBD I equipped vehicle (Ford pre-1996)?

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OBD-I did not output live data (with rare exceptions, not Explorer related) and essentially all your laptop would be is a code reader. I am unaware of any such cables or programs. I doubt the demand was there to support them.

Thanks Glacier. That certainly explains why I can't find anything.


Go to and see if this is what you are looking for:

"This Scan Tool supports KOEO and KOER for 1984 and newer Ford EEC-IV vehicles and DCL powertrain data, if supported, for 1990 and newer* Ford EEC-IV vehicles. Users are allowed to connect to 20 different Ford DCL vehicles. 20 more vehicles can be added at any time.
View, graph and record enhanced powertrain parameters on DCL supported vehicles. DCL vehicles will typically have 40 parameters.
Unlimited Record/Playback capability
Perform KOEO and KOER
Perform cylinder balance tests
Perform output tests.
View DTCs by test or in summary format.
Clear DTCs
And more"

It appears that they still sell EEC-IV based systems.

Thanks, BandLow. That DOES appear to be what I am looking for. Too bad they don't have equipment for the Palm as well. That would have been sweet.