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Used 2006 Limited


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September 1, 2008
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2005 V6 Silver XLT
Hello fella's

I currently have my eye on a 2006 Ex Limited. It looks like it is was taken care of, because the interior leather looks fantastic considering it has 130K miles on it. The vehicle is being sold at a Ford dealer near me.

I am not familiar with the 4.6L V8 / 6spd Trans platform...

hopefully the dealer gave the vehicle a good servicing for its age prior to placing it back on the lot. What should I be looking for service wise for a vehicle with listed miles. I have been told that the 6spd trans is not quite a time bomb like the 5 spd's are in the 3rd gens. I realistically would like to buy this vehicle and make it last until 200K miles.

Thanks in advance !

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Make sure the spark plugs were replaced. They can be a headache when they break in the heads.

I have an 06 with 4.6
If you do not mind turning wrenches, it's a great vehicle, the tranny if serviced is very good one. Mine has 225k miles.
The explorers like to go thru wheel bearing on regular basis, otehr than that they are solid cars.

That and keep up with your oil changes. The cam phasers like to be kept in clean oil and are expensive to replace if you don't maintain them.

..what Tech said.
Cam phasers are great when they work. When they get stuck, the fix is not for everyone's skills. you can do them with just the valve covers off, but I did my whole timing so the entire front cover needs to come off with the accessories..

Ask for proof that the plugs have been changed. If no proof, have the dealer change them, or at least have them cover labor and you cover the parts.

Also, be absolutely sure that you start the vehicle after sitting overnight. Pop the hood and feel the block to be sure it's cold. Exhaust manifold bolts/studs tend to break, creating an exhaust leak that is at it's worst the first 20-30 second when cold. As exhaust heats up, it mostly seals.
If you get a distinctive "tick-tick" sound (similar to lifter noise, but is greatly reduced after 30 seconds), have them change the offending exhaust manifold studs. Often the manifold may need to be replaced if it's corroded where it's been exposed.

The guys in the forum seem to hit all the right notes about the V8 explorer. I have had quite a few Fords and the V8 Explorer is right at the top.