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Used OEM backup camera installed, shows very grainy/squiggly, video link provided.


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June 8, 2018
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Columbus, OH
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2014 Ford PIU
This evening, I completed installation of an OEM backup camera in my 2014 PIU. The camera, plastic mounting shroud, and wiring harness came from a chrome liftgate trim piece, same 2011-2015 model design. I was unable to source the male end of the 8 pin connector used by Ford for the backup camera/license plate wiring harness, so I wound up having to cut the harness off and use spade blade quick disconnects to connect the license plate lights, camera wires, and camera power control wires.

I have previously enabled the backup camera in my FCDIM via Forscan, and was able to install the wires in pins 6 and 12 of the FCDIM plug. I ran the two power lines to the BCM on C2280C pin 12 and C2280D pin 8. The video cable shield is connected to a bolt on the steel frame behind the FCDIM mounting location. The camera ground is connected to a mounting bolt for the key lock cylinder on the liftgate.

The camera display turns on just fine when I put the vehicle in reverse, but the display itself is jumpy, squiggly, and full of lines. The best I can describe it is like an old VHS tape. I have provided a link to a YouTube video of the display. I have added ferrite chokes to each end of the video line as well to try and reduce interference, but it didn't change anything. Is this a bad camera itself?

On a side note, there is an icon for a Zoom feature but when I push the buttons under the display, nothing happens. Do I need to adjust other values in Forscan?

Link to video:

Thanks for the info!

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I don't know about FORScan but with the retail Explorer, the replacement camera must be programmed to the vehicle by the dealer using IDS. Apparently you can also DIY with FORScan. I don't think that is the issue here though. It may be the connections or the camera itself. Do you know if it was working before you got it?


I don't have Sync, so I just have the basic 4.2" FCDIM screen. Enabling the camera was very simple once I found the correct information. It just required one bit change in Forscan under the FCDIM. Chances are that I can get the Zoom to work if I mess around with bit addresses more in Forscan.

As far as the camera itself, no, I have no verification that it was functioning to begin with. I simply found a junkyard selling the full rear trim piece with wiring harness, camera, and plastic shroud for less than I could buy the camera for itself. Plus, without the harness or the plastic shroud, it's nearly impossible to mount the camera. I could try and find another camera to swap and test, but I'd rather not throw money away right now if the camera isn't the problem.

Hey bt1987, was wondering if you have LED's for your license plate lights. I replaced the bulbs on mine with LED's and since doing so, my camera breaks up a little as well, although not quite as bad as yours. After some research, I was able to determine my issue is the LED's, but its not problematic enough to that I'm going to put the standard bulbs back in. Just a thought, might be worth checking.

Hi Robby. Several members have installed LED in the license plate lights but you are the first to report that they interfered with the camera.


Yeah Peter, it was odd. I had at first had a set from Daytime Bright Lights they sent when I upgraded my puddle lights. Those didn't bother the camera at all. But one burned out and I put a different set in and that's when I started having a slight issue with the camera. I had the camera replaced under warrantee, thinking it was the camera. When I picked up the vehicle at the dealer, camera was fine. Car was sitting out in the daylight, so the lights where not on. The next morning, backing out of my garage, auto lights on, camera had interference. As soon as I was out in the daylight, the Auto-lights kicked off and the camera image improved. I don't know if its the power circuit since the LED's draw less current and there is less resistance on the line or if it is just that these particular bulbs put out some kind of RF noise and the camera is detecting that. I did read, and I think it was on here, that another member experience the same issue. Just to test, I put the original bulbs back in and the camera was clean, so it definitely is my bulbs. As I mentioned, its not terrible, so since I like the look of the LED's I have left them in.

I believe most backup cameras are still analog. That is the telltale sign of a bad video connection on an analog video. My guess is that there is a bad connection somewhere, and if you wiggled on side or the other of the cable feeding the signal, it will either get worse or better.