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used PCM--need flashing/programming?


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June 26, 2012
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clementon, nj
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2000 explorer xls-4 liter
bought used PCM from ebay for 2000 explorer xls ohv manual trans truck. old pcm problem, truck idles only. (different thread) new (used) pcm installed----engine cranks but wont fire up. do I need to take to ford dealer to have pcm flashed/reprogrammed to my vehicle?? all main numbers match old and new unit. thought it would be just plug and play!! if needs flashing, can unit just be taken in to dealer with VIN number and key to be flashed or do I gotta have truck towed to dealer??
thanks in advance for any help!!!:thumbsup:

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I think PATS needs to be reprogrammed with the new PCM serial.

thanks sonic. guess I'm not getting out of a tow charge!! oh well,

You definitely need PATS programmed. You may or may not need to flash the module, depending on what software is in it. A dealer is going to want the whole vehicle there.

:thumbsup: thanks rb, i'll make an appointment to get it in this week. friggin electronics are one thing I definitely cant do in my driveway!

When I got one off eBay a few months ago all I did was install it. Everything has been working fine, with no other changes.

Also, the PCM from donor vehicle needs to have the same 4 digit code to match up with your old one.

thanks sonic; yes, they do match. even talked to seller and it did come from an ohv eng with manual trans. getting some one here this week who says they can program it with the PATS. I hope!!

Actually, after thinking about it, I take back part of what I said. PATS is probably OK, since most of the important parts are in the RCM. Reprogramming the VID block may be enough -- though it is mostly the same solution anyway.