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used to hate fords

man ive been a faithfull ford hater and chevy driver since i was a teen and my wife was to.well that all changed when to my surprise my wife wanted to trade in the old 87 gmc v1500 4x4 and test drove a 93 xlt well we own it now and i like it.the first thing i did was to change the plugs(+4s)oil filter air filter and fully synthetic mobil 4x4 oil.then ripped out this crappy alarm system and remote starter that was faulty (to be replaced with better system)then put in a 6 disc cd changer.the cat heat sheild was rattling so took that out to realize that there was tranny vacume line that i broke(53cent fix).so anyway like i said its a 93 has 90,000 miles and no rust anyware well maintained paid 6000 and ive been drawn to the dark side.

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Welcome to the site! Glad to have ya.

Welcome as well!! Chevy is at least american owned so I can't knock that much. DCX :shoot: .


welcome to the site. Ford driver on the week days, chevy lover onthe weekends here. I have nothing against either. Its all good american fun to me

yeah well learning all kinds of neet stuff like trying to find out polarity of door locks for alarm(reverse polarity)but still happy with it

welcome to the site.
does your explorer have the manual or auto transmission? the auto are usually a problem with the V6 explorers.

other than that if you take care of it, the truck should last forever. the OHV 4.0 is pretty much bulletproof.

everyone around here drives chevys and hates fords.....

Hey, I used to hate ford too. Well, I love em now, their trucks anyway. :D