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useing ranger i-beams on the explorer


April 6, 2003
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spencer, Indiana
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94 LXT
OK, OK, OK. this is an old one...but i never see a REAL Answer to it! I hear a lot of talk about using the ranger “dream beams” on a 91-14 explorer. There are 2 reasons some one would want to use the ranger beams: 1. You can get lower than any other beam (how many others are there…like 2?) 2. AIM SUUUUUUUCCCKKSSSS! Nuff said!
So I want to hear from the people that have put the ranger dream beams on there explorers. What year parts where used, what where the differences? Did the Explorer spindles and the ranger I-beams fit together just RIGHT? Did you have to modify any thing for it to work?
Thank you to any one that car help!