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Using factory sub w/aftermarket unit using CRUTCHFIELD


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July 16, 1999
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97 Explorer
Well, I just installed my new head unit from Crutchfield, not only did they send me the radio removal tool, DIN dash kit, but the wiring connector. It included a connector for the factory sub. It had 2 wires, 1 for GND, and the other for amp turn on. It also had a female RCA to plug right in to the radio.

Although my previous aftermarket unit was using the sub, I used pins soldered to wires to get contacts on the factory plug.

With the wiring kit from Crutchfield, it makes for a "factory" fit using the factory sub. Although I have a kicker box in the back, the factory sub does contribute some sound. Heck, it's there why not use it.

Yep It's so easy when you get the right parts. I still don't understand why everyone continues to splice wires & figure it out when for $30 you can get a factory type plug & play install.