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Utah Trip (AKA Kick HITR Trails Butt Thread)

Tuesday was a move day to Halls Crossing. We broke camp leaving it cleaner than we found it and headed west. The closer we got the worse the weather. We made it to Clay Hills pass and unloaded then on to the ruins with the oven the pioneers cooked bread in. Then back to Clay Hills pass get the tow vehicles and on to the camp site. It was open and we set up the tents before it rained a bit. We went in to Halls Crossing for an afternoon meal and showers. Even picked up some supplies and went to see the ferry. Then back out to camp. The rain took a break and we able with a bunch of work to get some wet wood to burn. Folks had hot dogs and we had trouble with the charcoal but did get some sub par cobbler. Forecast for the next day was for rain. But the weatherman had been wrong before. I did not want to go in or back out in the rain. The guys needed to head back Friday at noon so we needed to start in on Wednesday. The sky cleared and we had more awesome stars that night and went to bed hoping the weather would hold and we would be able to go in on Wednesday.


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Wednesday I woke at 6:00 AM to rain on my tent. It was still spitting through breakfast and the clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon. Garrett and I took a quick trip to Halls Crossing for ice. With no break foreseen in the weather we broke a wet camp and moved back to Comb Ridge. We ran Arch Canyon all the way to the end and back out that afternoon. The first 2/3 was in the rain. Then back to our Comb Ridge base camp.


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Thursday we headed up Hotel Rock trail. We ran it from south to north and on out and east then south to Hwy95. Then back to base camp.


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More Hotel Rock trail pics.


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Even more Hotel Rock pics.


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Last Hotel Rock Pics.


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Friday was heading home day for the guys and Garrett said he and the SD were going too. So we loaded up and headed east. We made it to Walsenburg and a roomin house for the night. The steak house was closed but there was a Mexican restaurant close by so we went and the guys had a good meal they didn’t have to make themselves.

Saturday morning we said our goodbyes. Del and Curtis were leaving a bit earlier and would take a different route east of Garden City, KS. All in all it was a really good trip. While we did not get to do all of HITR trail, we did get to do Arch Canyon and Hotel Rock. And we have a good reason to return another year.


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I remember this. We were there with Jack Lobdell on our first run in Utah:chug: At least I think that's when we were there:confused:

Found it: http://www.explorer4x4.com/arch.html

It was actually the second time in Utah, with Jack.

That's about when I started doing that trail. Tried going up it from the south the frist time and it started raining. Then the second time we went around to the north and ran it north to south. Been running it North to South ever since. My friend says if more difficult that way as the north side of the big rock is more difficult than the south side. I have trouble with that sharp turn at the top of the big rock and find it easier to go North to South. This is the first time I did it all the way through South to North.

I still need to finish mappying HITR trail. When are we going to do it?