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Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

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Change of plans. I'm out for Saturday.

Got a friend that wants to come so we're gonna come Sunday. He's got a 90's f150 on MTZs. Hope to catch up with yall out there.

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I will see you guys in the morning at the camp ground. What time is everyone meeting and where so we can get on the trails?

Seed60 what time are you guys coming in?

Sorry we missed yall. Saw the big green one at the outpost in the morning but didn't see where you went. So we took off and figured we'd see you on the trails. Either way it was nice to meet you guys at the end of the day.

A few pics we got.







This jeep was badass!

My failed attempts at getting up Kodak.


Still got a few loading up.

MAN I wish I woulda turned around when I saw you go by me on 109!!

Here's a thread I posted my pictures in if you wanted to take a peek

We're home, relaxing, and ate dinner with the family. Tripp's editing out videos and I've got a few pictures I'll put up later if he doesn't.

Had a great time.

looks like u all had a good time sorry i didn't make it but was called in to work a double shift at over time, hopefully i will be able to make the next one

Should have video up in the Morning, HD takes a little while longer.

The Video, This is the link to the video. Video

The Video, This is the link to the video. Video

Hey man are you going to put the video on youtube also? So people like me that dont have Facebook can see it. If not you could email it to me and I will put it on there if you dont care. My email is foxrcninc@yahoo.com

I have the video of your break too... I'll get it on youtube sometime.

Alright cool deal. Thats what I was wanting to check out. Let me know when you get it up. Thanks.

Uploading your videos now. There will be two.

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