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Uwharrie, NC Trailride Planned!!

Todd E.

June 11, 1999
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The Fourwheeling of Raleigh, NC Club has planned a trailride for Uwharrie National Forest the weekend of Dec. 10-12. Uwharrie is located 50 miles south of Greensboro and is very much like Tellico. The trails are an excellent testing ground before a trip to Tellico in January. There will be Jeeps, full size Bronco's(87-93), traditional Broncos, and my Explorer. I would really like to have more explorers come so we can show these Jeep guys up.

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Cool! I was up there about 6 weeks ago, which made my 3rd trip this year. It's really funny when you see a guy in his CJ7 w/6" lift, 35" Thornbirds, etc... turn around and go back the way he came when he gets into "Dickie Bell". All the trails there are pretty good, from mild to extreme. I'll have to try and make it that weekend if I don't have my daughter.

The run planned for Dec. 10-12 is still planned and there will be about 15-20 trucks involved. I am really trying to get a good Explorer showing for the run. There are going to be many full size Broncos as well as
Chevy's. This would be an opportune time for the East coast Explorers to present pictures to the guys out west and show them the difficulty of some of our trails. A meeting place Friday/Saturday has already been set up and this is a very organized event so no disappointment will occur!

Hey Todd, sorry i would ahve liked to have gone, especially since this run is close to home but i just found out my Nov. profit share is pocket change, no rebiuld this month. i'm probably just gonna mortgage the kid or something to get the truck finished, hope you guys have fun, and i'm behind you on the west coast guys neede some photo proof. If i can dig any pic up from my local trails i'll scan 'em.

have fun, keep the rubber down.


I might be interested, I say might because I'm not sure if My Explorer has the right credentials. What's the minumum build to hang?

North Carolina Hills,
waiting for the next blizzard

Eric, You don't have to have a really built Explorer to go. I used to go to Uwharrie when my Explorer was bone stock. My roomate will probably take his stocker with little more than 31" tires. There are challenging trails and there are easy ones. Always "go-around" sections on the tough trails. What do you have done to yours?

Are you still planning to come on the run next weekend? If so, we are meeting at 4 Wheeling of Raleigh at 8:00. Please confirm your plans and we can arrange to meet prior to the date. Where are you coming from?

Well, intially I planned on having a 2.5" Duff Lift. Then the plan was reduced to a 2" body lift and 1" coil spacers + extended shackles in the back, and now, after having paid off the bills, the plan now consist of 1" spacers, extended shackles( don't know how much I'll get out of that because the butt sags), 31" BF Goodrich Trail Kings a stearing stabalizer, set of KYB gas-adjust all around . This "modification" should be done by Next weekend, but it all depends....... I might be able to have it all done by then. When exactly do you plan on heading out?

Eric (should have been a Crack Dealer) Train

We are meeting at about 7:30 or 8:00 and leaving as soon as all 15-20 trucks show up. The plan is to be at Uwharrie by 11:00 and return to Raleigh that night at about 7:30

If everything works out,......maybe I could meet yous' guys at the Trail. I live in Asheville, so I'd hate to have to drive to Raleigh.
So you think my rig will pass? First time out so I don't want to go to Hay-wire. But you just never know............

Eric(where does one fit a 31" spare) Train