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v-8 running rough at 1250rpm


January 20, 2012
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I just purchased a 2006 eddie bauer explorer with a v-8. I did not notice it before I bought it but now I am noticing at about 1250 rpm the engine runs very rough. I have no check engine light on so there is no misfire codes. Is this a common problem or normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated

How many miles ? I had same problem with my 06 Eddie v8 at 99k miles. It turned out it was a bad sparkplug. I replaced all of them at that time. How you replace them and what's behind that job is a longer story. Read about it in some other posts on this forum. My misfire did not set the light either. After that all is smooth at 130k miles.

I have not experienced this so far at just over 50K miles.

The explorer has about 72k miles. Is there anyway to tell if the spark plug is bad without having to pull the plug? I have read how difficult it is to do this and I was not planning to change them yet since I did just buy the vehicle. Thanks again for all the help