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V6 to V8 Swap


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February 24, 2013
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Grand Rapids, MI
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1999 Ford Explorer XLT
Hello, I currently have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT AWD V8 that was hit on the driver side this week. Internally everything seems to run fine. I was looking for a new explorer and use as much parts out of this one as possible. I found a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD/AWD with the V6 4.0 for cheap on craigslist. Has anyone ever done the swap before? Any things i need to know or tips? Whats all the parts from the donor vehicle needed? Is there anything from the 98 that can be kept to work with the V8?


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January 22, 2007
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selkirk, manitoba
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98 supercharged 347 sport
your going to be better off if you can find a 99 to slip your 99 drivetrain into. biggest reason is the fuel system is different from a 98 and down, and 99 and up. when i did my swap, i got these from the donor truck. both trucks were 98's

the shopping list is
trans (duh)
motor (double duh!)
transfer case
drive shafts
rad/condenser ***update, 4L SOHC rad/condenser will work***
a/c lines
power steering lines, and cooler
motor harness, and wiring from alt to battery ***update, 4L underhood body harness will mate to 5L motor harness, however, oil gauge wire, and a/c wires need to be modified to work***
throttle cable
trans shifter cable (not sure if i will need it, but hey) ***update, 5r55e cable will work***
air filter box ***update 4L SOHC box, and sensor will work***
exhaust from manifolds to muffler,
fuel pump (not sure if needed but.....) ***update, 4L SOHC pump will work***
key ring around ignition cylinder, and ignition cylinder
locks including hatch lock
radio bezel
cruise motor with cable
evap lines

if you want more info, click on my registry. page 9 is where i start doing the swap.