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V8 5.0 True dual exhaust?

Hey I was wondering if anyone here has done a true dual exhaust? I got a 97 4 door 4 wheel drive V8 5.0 and I have some headers from my buddies mustang GT 5.0. I was looking into replacing the exhaust manifold with the headers but it looks really tight(not sure I can squeeze it in). I was wondering if anyone has done a true dual exhaust kit on their 4wheel drive V8. If anyone has I would be real interested in hearing from you. I also have some flowmaster mufflers that I would like to get on there if possible. Let me know.

No the headers will not work. Yes you can do a true dual exhaust and even keep the spare. You just need to find a good muffler shop.

Ahhh. Sucks that you cant get headers in there (any?). Yah, I was planning on having a shop do it but I figured anything I looked up for them first might save me money and them time. Thanks.

There currently is only one set of headers available. They are the Ford Motorsport ones but they have been discontinued and they were still kind of restrictive. The only way to get some now is a custom set which will run you 500+.

Best you could do is keep your stock exhaust manifold and just run your Flowmaster with custom dual exhaust. Jssong just did his but he wished he had only ran 2.25" piping because he had lost some low end torque going dual with 2.5" pipe.