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V8 Exhaust sizes ?


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September 1, 2008
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Philadelphia Airport, PA
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2005 V6 Silver XLT
well since im waiting on my X to be fix or totaled... if it gets totalled i think im gonna go for a 04-05 V8 XLT...

on my v6 im running 2.5'' pipe, and i was wonderin what do the V8 boys run ?

2.5'' - 2.75'' - 3''... ??? im gonna stay single pipe cause i dont like the dual exhaust on SUV's just my opinion...

what are you running ?

thanks fellas !

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I was running single 2.5 with a 40 series Sounds really good. Now I'm running dual 2.25 pipe to a dual in dual output muffler then 2.5 to the rear

so for optimal gains, staying with 2.5'' is gonna be the way to go ?

I'm running 3" from the cat all the way back. It sounds decent on the V6.

talking about V8's fella...

I have 2.5" all the way out with the 70 series FM. I like the way it sounds because it's not to loud or to quiet. Good surround or headset will be better than your computer speakers;) I also need to make some new vids and meet up with Tylers02 to compare his to mine. (he only has a magnaflow I believe)


I'm 2.5" from the back of the cats through an Edelbrock RPM serious muffler exiting just behind the rear wheel.

If you go with 3 inch cat back you will lose all needed vilocity

If you go with 3 inch cat back you will lose all needed vilocity

I can attest to this. Originally had 3" exhaust with a 40 series(single in/dual out) that was dumped. Loud as a **** and killed my lowend, but top pull was great. Much too loud and droning, so I opted for the 70 series and 2.5 all the way out the back.

I wouldn't hesitate to do a single 3" with a 70 series FM because it should still provide you with some decent back pressure and give a nice deep growl. I'll have to snap a pic sometime where the exhaust goes through the axle because it looked like a 3" would fit. Or you can just do the 2.5" exhaust and add a 3" tip.

guess it's gonna be 2.5 if i ever find out what is happening to my X...