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V8 Explorer sport w/4406


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August 8, 2009
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Kansas City, Kansas
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1999 Sport V8 4406 4X4
I was just wanting to see if any one besides vroomzoomboom has put a 4406 transfer case in a V8 sport. My awd transfer case a bit the dust so now I'm looking to upgrade. Tim has been a great help with this build thread and with answering all my questions. I'm just wanting to know if any one else had done it and what problems they ran in to while doing it. Thanks Chris

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Well I bought a 4406 earlier today. So well I guess I am committed to doing this swap.

The big thing is gonna be the rear driveshaft I dont think anyone has found a factory shaft that will work yet, I have access to two huge driveshaft collections and plan on finding something I can use when I get to that point, my v8 sport still isn't on the road but we just got a 97 mounty that should give me the few things I need to finish,

vroomzoomboom has an already modded one that I am planing on buying. So no problem there.

Thats cool I'll look for the front one you want, and if i can come up with a factory option for the rear in a v8 sport I'll post it.

Thanks any help would be great.

duho! i just posted what you would need for both drive shafts.
front dc
you will need a 95-96 sport rear (and it only came with it on those 2 years), plus, a jeep cherokee front drive shaft. you use the dc from the sport, and put it on the jeep. the u joints are the same for both
rear dc
you will need to find a 97 and up f150 4x4 reg cab short box (i think that had a auto and a 4.6....i think). you will have to get it cut down. i dont even think jeep cj's are as short as the sport with a 4406. you will also need to reuse your rear flange and a conversion u joint.
as for the swap, its the same as the guys with 4 doors. nothing different. you may also want to use a poly trans mount from a 87-93 mustang that had a auto in it. i have beaten the hell out of mine, and it still is in the same spot. the reason is the 4406 is way heavier then the awd case. BUT, if you use that mount, you will need to cut your trans cross member, weld a plate on top of the part you cut, and drill holes for the bolts (IIR a mustang mount is a inch higher then the explorer mount). take note however, the rear drive shaft will freak you out a little because it spins about a 1/4 to 1/2 away from the side of the gas tank.
i made a dc front, but have pulled it off, and i am just using a regular f150 front right now. i was getting to much vibration for some reason, and did feel like mucking around with it this year.

This is why we need either a sticky or a sub forum for the sports, so we can consalidate the info on what's different for us ,

there really is no difference. they are shorter by 10 inches. the tanks are smaller, they have a mono leaf and not a full leaf pack (unless its a 01-03), they have 2 doors, not 4. they didnt have v8 from factory.

LOL Well I guess I am going to make a trip to the local junk yard to see what I can find for a front drive shaft.

Yea but the formula you just gave for making the driveshafts would make a good sticky, not trying to split off from the four doors just saying there is a lack of compiled info for sports like the is for them.

Well im still confused. Can I or can I not use a 4.6 4x4 front f150 drive shaft and it bolt right in.

Yes with the conversion u-joint for the front yoke, its the rear shaft we were talking about, I want to find a bolt in alternative for v8 sports

Tea you can use a 97 and up F150 4.6 drive shaft. You will need to find the one that collapses with the plastic boot on it. The other one is a 1/4 inch to long. What I posted was if you wanted a dc front (and I can't even remember if I had to get it cut). One other thing I will add, it's a real tight fit, so eat your wheaties before you put it on.

Are you running the f150 shaft or the dc shaft right now?

this exact one from a f150


Sweet you are the man.

Do you by chance have the specs on the bracket you modded for the fuel tank.

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no real "specs" on it, i just have some pictures








btw, here are the two different drive shafts you will find for f150's


i have the top one. unless the other one that i have is frozen and i cant collapse it anymore, the bottom one wont fit