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V8 sensors


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July 14, 2008
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prince george, british columbia
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96 xl
I am installing a 97 v8 from a explorer into a 96 that had a toast 4.0 w toast auto
Changing out te engine harness only an leavin the bay wiring alone but What is the sensor in the side of the v8 oil pan. Is it necessary or can it be ignored for there is a sensor in the drivers side for oil
The one I'm talking about comes up through the alternator harness. And te 2 model year alternator harnesses have different pompous an stiff
All I'm wondering is if that sensor in the side of the Pan is important

I've just done a V8 swap in a sport, the easiest way to do the swap, is to put the 2 trucks side by side, and swap EVERYTHING from one truck to the next... engine bay wiring loom, and everything else, the 96 has a different front axle set up to the 97... that will be your easiest way


dont have the liberty of havingt the vehicle to sit next to it

not worried about front axle its vaqccum and easy to deal with electrically i have the 4406 manual shift tcase for the truck to bolt to the 4r70
the question was is the sensor in the passenger side of the oil pan with the 3 wires coming out of it needed for anything in particular as i could not find anything about it in the wiring schematics that i have for the vehicles

was the engine out of a limited? cos they have the low oil level sensor in them, mine does....