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v8 swap or v6 build


December 11, 2013
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95 ford explorer
so ill start by saying i am new to the site as a member. ive trolled the site for a while but figured its time to be a member. i bought my 95 explorer last year. i scrapped the ltd i had before but kept the built 302 from it and imediately thought of swapping it. my thing now is finding out what i would need to do to swap everything in or just build the ohv and make it easy.

for the v8 swap ive searched plenty but theres a few things to clear up.
i have the v8 obviously
i have a m50r2
i know ill need the mounts for the v8
i was thinking of a 4406e
i read i may be able to use the the front shaft cause its a dc shaft
the plug of the 4405 may need to be changed tot he 4406
i need a rear shaft from a 97 f150
the shifter is farther forward on the m50r2 than the m50r1
fuel tank must be modified. 2dr tank is used but im not sure if the stock tank bracket is moved back or if ill need a different bracket. could i just get a v8 explorer bracket and use that?

i was gonna carb this motor, especially since i have all the carb stuff already. ill need to figure out what wires ill need to tap to keep the dash running. what i was wondering is if the gem for the transfer case would still work with no engine signals?

if i dont do this ill build a modded ohv and do a hybrid m50r1. i was wondering if the gears from the v8 m50 would fit in the v6 case but i couldnt find any info on that.

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You certainly are ambitious..I'll give you that!
I vote v-8!

I can't really offer any help, as far the rest of the swap goes. However, I can say that you need to forget the idea of using a carb. I see you're in MA. I'm pretty sure they have adopted CA emissions standards/laws (along w/ NJ, NY, and maybe CT?). If this vehicle is EVER going to see street use (ie, needs plates/registration), then you will never pass inspection putting a carb on a '95 Explorer. Even if this is an off-road only vehicle, EFI is still better and more reliable. Put in the little extra work upfront to figure out the efi/computer, and it will save you more time/money/aggravation in the long run.

in mass anything 97 and older only has to pass safety. i converted my 90 ltd to a carb and it passed every year. least for me im not looking to pull and injection harness but it may change if it makes the install easier. the killer with the explorer is its the only car i got and it has 197k on it so i want something lined up in case the motor goes. i do drive a lot so for gas i was thinking keep the v6 but if i build it up i dont think the gas mileage would be much better than the v8.

the other thing i havent figured out is exhaust. if i could use mustang shorty headers? or would i need swap headers and try to fit them to an aftermarket v6 Y-pipe?

I have to say that while my modded v6 doesnt have great peak hp, it has tons of torque starting down low.

I love my v8 because it doesn't really need to rev to get the job done on the street.

I vote modded v8. stroked v8 maybe?

the nice thing is the v8 is all set besides maybe needing valve guides redone.
its bored .030 over
all new bearings and freeze plugs
ford E303 advance 10*
roller bearing timing set
e6te heads with 10 hours port work intake opened to match a felpro 1250 gasket
exhaust opened to match a mr gasket square port gasket
heads have been plained and magnafluxed
weiand stealth port matched to the heads
comp dual valve springs and comp retainers

worst case id get a 2wd tranny and try to fit a dana20 case when i get the time so i can still drive the truck

so after reading this thread http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211250&highlight=205+swap along with few others im starting to think that the v8 swap is not worth the head ache and need to swap all that i would to get it to work right, especially considering this is my DD and its a 95. looks like ill build up the v6 and i can boost it if needed.

what i would like to do is weigh my transfer case options since it seems as though the 4405 isnt the best case out there. id love to swap in a dana 20 but i know there will be some possible electrical work to get the speedo and the front axel shift to work right.

any other help or info would be apritiated.