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V8 water pump problem?


March 5, 2006
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Charlotte, NC
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1996 XLT V8
1996 V8 w/116k

Noticed a pretty signifigant coolant leak yesterday...

Assuming it was the water pump going bad (after inspecting / tightening all hoses) I noticed that on top of the water pump there was coolant collecting there. So I tightened the thermostat housing bolts. Leak still there and I still think that the water pump is the culprit due to the amount of dripping coolant.

Two questions
Can the water pump leak through its top seal and collect on top water pump?
How involved / difficult is the water pump change on the 302?

Thanks very much for any input.

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I would go to a Parts Store and borrow a cooling system pressure tester. You hook it up in place of your radiator cap and then pump the system up.. and then check for leaks... (and you can also check if the pressure level is dropping or not)


good advice right there

My 97

My first leak was the small elbow hose. Then I had a coolant leak in the same place your talking about. I assumed that it was the pump. After taking the thermostat and water pump off I learned that the thermostat gasket was bad and the water pump was not leaking. The hardest part of the job was taking the fan clutch off. Now I have a new thermostat and water pump installed.

thanks for the replies...I'll let yuo know how it turns out.

If might be the thermostat housing gasket. If you remove the thermostat housing, change the thermostat (only about $5) and make sure you get a thermostat housing gasket, if it doesn't come with the thermostat. Also, make sure you have a razor blade scraper of some kind.. Since you will have to scrape off the old housing gasket. Clean it really good before putting the new one on.


Weird things , I just realised that I have the same coolant leak .

If my water pump is bad , how do you unscrew the fan ? the bolt seem to be counterclockwise .


hi all, just wanted to post the solution to my problem...

After pressure testing I found a very small hole in that elbow hose like JTSMITH said. WOuldnt have found it without the pressure test...replace the hose, no more leaks. thanks for the advice