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VA / NC meet


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October 6, 2008
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'96 xlt 4x4
Anybody in the va or nc area? Or somewhere around the east coast for that matter wanna put together a meet and ride for all explorers and rangers ? Any body local to coast line that owns/ has written permission for event on legal trails that could host? Or would anybody be interested in a 4x4 beach day in carova obx? Or maybe a weekend adventure through the GWNF and hit trails like shoe creek, big levels/bald mountain, flagpole knob , or maybe even potts mountain (by far the hardest ) there all not far off . The blue ridge parkway,there is plenty of camping along the trails plus you got hotels not far away,the brew ridge trail,and a sweet campground near shoe creek trail that hosted camp jeep a few times.

Please respond if your serious and if we get enough people then we can organize an event!

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I'll chime in to say I'd be in for an October GWNF run.

Ok shoe Creek and big levels dates set !!(weather depending) October 14/15 Saturday will be running shoe Creek and Sunday will be running big levels. Chime in if you can make it to whomever wants to come and we can set a place and time to meet up. Once I'm up there it's too late (no cell service). Open for anybody! (yes your Jeeper friends are more than welcome!) Lol

Last chance! My number is 757 714 8801 text me anytime from now until Sunday night be completing big levels Monday morning and heading home) you want to join in. Big levels should be interesting with the rain we've had recently... Thank God for snorkels lol .... You know you want too! The Weather is perfect.

Currently @Wild wolf brewing

Going to set up camp tonight hit shoe Creek in the morning then off to big levels

Base camp @ shoe Creek

Not enough service to upload pictures but shoe Creek was a breeze these new tires make more of a difference than I could have imagined. Now at camp at big levels had some issues with burning lean but seems to be OK at this point after letting her cool off and disconnecting the battery for a bit kinda was worrying me because she could barely run..... will complete the rest 6 miles of trail in the morning. Gonna get muddy here soon just rocks so far. Fuel pump doesn't sound as she usually does I'm praying that now isn't the time she decides to give. Wish me luck in the morning out here lone wolfing it only seen a guy on a dirt bike all day shoe Creek was PACKED! With campers but big levels is a different story there is NOBODY out here.






Already put my sliders to use scooting around a corner in 2wd works great as a pivot point.

Also already bashed my front skid approaching an obstacle too fast will post a video when I get home.

It's funny when the jeepers turn there nose up at "what are you driving?" "I got an explorer"...... "Oh" lol as if Jeep is the only 4x4 on the planet then are speechless as you navigate the trail with ease and ask them what took them so long? Ha ha amateurs

@Turdle one of the best parts was taking that hot shower under my awning MAN! that felt great! Check out my build in off road accessories forum . For others reading this thread.





Water came over the hood a bit as seen at the end even though the hood wasn't in the cameras view. Of course my better half doesn't concur with the situation.

Yes two days at big levels/ bald mountain only had a guy on a dirt bike pass our camp. And it got chilly at night and that shower was awesome! 5 gallons is perfect for one person but may try something different in the future for water storage. There is no clean running water on that trail. Had to fill up at the creek on the way there.

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Had some intruders in our camp that got in the trash I moved into the top of the bush away from camp the second night bears can be a concern out there although we believe it was a coyote because my chick heard it in the camp and run/brush past the tent. Good thing I was packing because you never know if something wants to be too hungry! Lol.