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VA/WV ohv trails/forest roads


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
I am putting together a week long camp and offroading trip this coming may and am looking for forest roads or ohv trails in and around the gwnf or mon national forest to eat up some hours on road days between parks. I know there was a group on here who frequented that area as I tried to make a ride once. I am looking for open trails or county roads between pott's mountain and tasker/peter's run in edinburgh.

Thanks in advance!

Also.. if anyone is interested in joining us for a week let me know. I had a few rigs drop out and would like to get the vehicle count back up to 10 to 15.

Also-er, Ryan do not look at this post.

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Honestly it's a beautiful ride though GWNF but the only challenging trails have restricted access due to land owner issues. I know there's a few of us trying to get together around that time but nothing is set in stone. Shoe creek is the trail that is basically cut in half (the middle of the trail is closed). Stoney run is the fan favorite for the views (stock truck can make it with a bypass or two).

I'll be down to join in on the VA trails for a day or two

I like Stoney Run (aka balk Knob Trail). In May if you catch it at the right time, the Mountain Laural and Rhodendrens are in bloom and it can be like drive througth a pink cave.

There a bunch or trails around Harrisonburg. Second Mountain, Dictums and Long Run. There are also the ones beside Rt 33. I have not been out to them recently, so you will want to make sure they are still open.

All of these trails are or used to be passable by stock 4x4. If you search this site you can find information about previous runs.

If you google these trails you can also find info.

We just completed this trip. 4 rigs total showed up. We left fairmont, wv on Sunday June 27th and drove through cannan valley.

That night we camped at dolly sods at a privately owned camp site.


Day 2 we went to flagpole knob in Virginia.


Drove to potts mountain and camped there.


Day 3 we ran potts mountain jeep trail. This trail surprised us with some good rock crawling.


Potts mountain took way longer than expected. The ranger blew an o-ring on one of the power steering pump lines. We used the o-ring from the oil dipstick and some rtv sealant to repair it. The fix lasted all week and he is still driving it on the trail fix! After conquering this trail, we headed for Good Evening Ranch to set up camp in the darkness.


Day 4 We woke up to a clear sky morning at Good Evening Ranch in beautiful Canvas, WV. The camping was phenomenal with its well manicured landscape, clean shower/ bathrooms, and plenty of camping site room. They are open 7 days a week with trails from mild to rock bouncer. We loved it so much there that we decided to camp there the rest of the week. We ran Chadillac Trail. It was a long uphill bump it type of trail that was really fun to do.




Day 5 We left Good Evening Ranch and drove to a privately owed trail to eat some ham and swiss. The explorer climbed the waterfall obstacle and had to winch in the other rock climb. Being tired and crabby, we left the privately owned trail, and headed back to Good Evening Ranch. Someone suggested ice cream, so we stopped, and everyone was cheerful again.


Day 6 We wheeled at Good Evening Ranch. I conquered rubicon trail and several others. Rubicon tested our 37" tires and there was lots of re positioning and bumping of the throttle.


We ended Day 6 with a victory dinner at the applebee's


Day 7 I had the long 7 hour drive back home.