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Vacum lines falling off


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February 4, 2001
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Hey Guys Im new here, Im not really sure about the rules of posting. I do belong to and post on a regular basis.

Ok my question is, I have a 92XLT 4dr 4x4 with the 4.0l pushrod motor. it keeps blowing off the vacume lines off from the intake manifold, where the brake booster and the cruise control. the cruise and othre small lines keep falling off and seem to have oil in them. What would cause this? PCV? I just changed it today but upon removal it was fine. I am at a loss here guys. any help would be appreciated.

Well you might have to much pressure going through those lines. That may be blowing oil through them. I am trying to think why that would be happening?! You think there is something clogged up somewhere? Do you have to much oil in the engine? It could be a number of little things.

If you have an auto tranny, you may have a bad vaccume (sp?) modulator. When it goes bad it normally lets some tranny fluid up the hose. It will then get to the connection for all your hoses. The Tranny fluid makes to hose soft and they come off pretty easy.

It could also be that you had some type of fluid leak that softened up the lines. I had one that kept blowing off, I just cut off 1" of the line and put it back on.. It worked until I had a chance to replace the hose.