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vacume hose pop = overdrive trans shutter???


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October 26, 2009
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Hood River, OR
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92 XLT (auto)
HI, new to Explorers and would like some opinions.

Bought a 92 automatic. Ran great when I bought it. Smooth motor and transmission...solid steady idle. Soon after buying it I was driving down the highway and pulled over for gas. After fillup I went to start it but did not crank it long enough to turn over. The false start ended up blowing some back pressure out the intake manifold and blew and vacume line off. The motor started fine but now had a vacume leak at the 'tree' off of the side of the manifold. The one hose fitting had no plug or hose fitting attached to it....could not find a dangling hole to reattach.

I looked on a generic schematic and there is a optional (automatic) hose that I believe might go there....don't know....every other hole on the scematic is 'required'. I ask this because not only is my idle not steady anymore (even though I put a plug on the open vacume line on the tree) but my ride vibrates terribly when the overdrive 'sets' at 50+ mph. I can't put it in OD because it grumbles and vibrates so much.

COuld these be related? The truck ran without a problem before I blew this vac line.

IS there anything to the 'optional (auto)' vac. line listed on the scematic? Does a vacume line lead to the automatic trans. in any way?



I think I may need a new transmission vacuum modulator. The pressure/blowing of vac. lines and strange OD the slight valve rattle while driving up a steady incline, lead me to believe I may have a bad modulator that is leaking trans fluid into the motor.

I found a post with a response from Brooklyn Bay that described these symptoms.

Can anyone verify if what I am saying making any sense?