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vacuum diagram


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August 11, 2008
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plano texas
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03' F-150 Super Crew
anyone have one for the SOHC motor? i searched and found one of the ohv motor

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Now that would be handy for me too :)

I know i have a leak somewhere!! Either that or i put something in the wrong place when i put the engine back in.

Thanks scucci.

(note) First time i clicked the link it came to a page saying 'log in failed'. Pressed it a couple more times and it took me to the drop down lists to choose your vehicle, cool :)

Only thing that confused me a little (excuse my ignorance), is the last drop down list asks for your CALIBRATIONS. There is a choice of 4, what are they?

I believe the calibrations are for changes made during the year and may be tied to the vin number.

please, do you have somebody the picture - vacuum diagram for the engine SOHC year 1997?
For example this but for the Explorer SOHC engine.


Thank you.