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Vacuum Line comparison


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August 7, 2023
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Medley, Florida
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2003 Explorer XLS
Hi guys im new, and will probaly be asking you alot of newbie questions as im basicaly trying to do these repairs and future mods myself.

Im working on a 2003 ford exploerer XLS, i just installed new fuel injectors and got her to start easily enough. however i noticed alot of vacuum lines are missing or just really damanged. some of these lines are really small and made of hard plastic (pvc). Started searching and realized alot of thse lines are being sold as silicone lines.. my question now is which is better to use silicone or should i be searching for the pvc hoses like the lines for the heater and that ones that control the vent doors, there all brittle and destroyed and need replacing.

Sorry in advance for my grammer.