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Vacuum Line Kit 1994 Ford Explorer LE


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July 12, 2015
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1994 Limited Edition Expl
Is there a kit where it has all the vacuum lines and connectors where I can replace all of the lines in my car? They are old. Rockauto? My truck has some really thin vac. lines and I see them breaking down soon.


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February 5, 2011
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Bemidji, MN
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94 4x4 Sport 88k
I spent a while looking for a full kit, no luck. Possibly Dorman 47419 3/16 In. X 3 Ft. Hard Black Vacuum Multi Purpose Tubing for the tubing, and they also sell assortments of rubber fittings and adaptors. Disclaimer: I don't know if this is the right size. It is currently -18 degrees and my Exp is under a snow bank. Another possible source for this stuff could be McMaster-Carr. They sell nearly everything, and if you can measure the ID/OD of your tubing, you can match something up there, I'm sure.

I did find complete kits for other Ford trucks. You might call a dealership and get a part number, and search that.

You might drive it to the best parts store in your area, get someone to come out and point to the tubing, they may have it on bulk spools. Maybe.

I wish I had a cleaner answer for you... maybe someone else will. Good Luck!