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vacuum line melted


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June 29, 2009
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Kamloops BC
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92 XL
There is a vacuum line that goes from the intake manifold, near the brake booster line, that follows the same route the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator. It goes to the air filter box though. It melted and now there is no way air can pass through, the line is completely severed. What does this do, and is it important to fix it right away?

its not important. it draws hot air from a shroud around an exhaust pipe to help the engine warm up quicker. but its not important. just helps

If it makes you feel better I just have mine plugged. I installed a cone filter and instead of drilling new holes I just plugged it. Over 2 years now, no ill effects. Can't tell any difference, when it's cold as hell it's cold as hell, engine will only warm up so fast.