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Vacuum line where does it go?


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February 8, 1999
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98 Merc
Just like the title says I found this hanging off the back of the motor. Any ideas?


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It looks like the line that runs off the egr tube to the dpfe (aluminum box with 1 plug and 2 hoses mounted on back of the intake manifold) but it's a little farther over than it should be. Follow it back and see if it's broken off both spots. The only rubber factory lines on the back of the intake is the booster and pcv hoses

Never mind. This was wiper fluid! lol I got crossed up when tracking the lines down.

Haha now I can see its slightly crimped on the end where it goes into the cowl, never thought of washer fluid line.

Bah! I know the feeling. I recently spent a few days pondering what the hell my wiper motor could possibly be!