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VairKing gets a new X, a 5.0! About time!

I wasnt sure where to put this, if its in the wrong spot, please move it...

Well Friday I took delivery of my new daily driver, a '97 Eddie Bauer V8 AWD. Its black/gold exterior with tan interior. I belive it has every option availible except memory seats. (which I think was a Limited-only option) It seems to be in awesome shape so far...Heres what it has:

5.0 V8
Air Ride Suspension
All tan leather
Driver and passenger power seats
Factory Moonroof
6 disk changer, and premium sound (big deal....)
On board computer
Overhead console with themometer and compass
and probably some other things I am forgeting... Well I got her all cleaned up this afternoon, so here are some pics!




And here is my two babies together: :D

Originally posted by jssong
wait until u get the intake and exhaust done.. my intake alone makes u feel a difference.
Mine too.

It has a slight manifold leak, or an exhaust gasket leak, or something, because ONLY when its cold, I can hear exhaust 'clicking' near the passenger side floor, near the console. What kind of headers are available for this? Ive tried a couple searches, and found people say that summit carries them, but I cant seem to find them on summits website? Any suggestions?

Well its nice out today, so I went and took my class III hidden hitch off the 91 and put it on the 97, as I will be doing some light towing this weekend. There were no holes to drill, and the hitch mounted perfectly. I have no idea why I payed to have it installed on the 91, I shoulda just done it myself in the first place :rolleyes:


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