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Valentine One Mirror


Rah no Hans Bwix
November 21, 2002
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1994 XLT 4x4
Hey all. I've been out of the modding game for a while but I always seem to keep coming back ;) A few weeks ago I purchased a Homelink mirror pulled from an '04 Nissan 350Z and I took it apart. I scraped off a rectangular portion of the backing and installed a Valentine One Concealed Display. Now that I think about it I probably should have done a step-by-step pictorial, but I didn't even think the thing would work :confused:

When I was scraping off the backing (using a razor blade) I started slowly, but it was taking forever so I sped up. This led to an uneven portion getting scraped off, hence the uneven look in the window. I planned on getting some mirror tint and putting that over the window to give it even more of a stealth look but I couldn't find any that was shiny enough. I ended up using a piece of 5% tint. You can't tell the display is in there when it's turned off, and when it's turned on it's easily readable.

I'm awful at taking pictures but I've attached a few. I wired up an RJ45 jack in the rear of the mirror so it's plug-and-play and I also added a mode/mute button on the back of the mirror.

When the Concealed Display is plugged in the radar detector doesn't shine at all, except when in programming mode. Overall I'm satisfied with this mod. It wasn't too difficult, though it was time consuming. It would have probably taken a few more hours if I had tried to perfect the window.


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More pics.


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I may have to look into this soon. FL is trying to ban RD's. I need my V1!